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My name is Sherri Lamb and have been a lover of sugar gliders since 2006 when I got my first sugar glider.

I have been breeding since 2010 and I pair my gliders together using lineage, color and temperament.

Not only do I offer gorgeous babies, but also any advice on anything sugar glider related. Topics are bonding, diets, habitats, care, illnesses, injuries as well as help with breeding responsibly.

I have lived in Big Sandy Tn 38221 since 2000 and we also have a farm including saint bernards, dachsunds, cats, sheep, pigs, chickens, peacocks, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits and a few cows.

Prices depend on breeding, pet only & color. We offer discounts for adopting more than one and payment plans are available.

You can find me on Facebook or my website www.newbysglidernook or can text me at 731-441-9814

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Can drive up to 3 hours to help meet up or pet ground transport is available for an additional fee.


Big Sandy, Tennessee 38221

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