Our Mission

This company is designed to connect people in search of specific pets with reliable breeders who are able to supply those animals. This company builds a bridge between breeders and animal lovers, to allow people all over the country to have access to the unique and special pet that they have always wanted.


Our Team

Kaitlyn Harp

Kaitlyn is the founder of The Ark Supply and a native to Southeastern Kentucky. She became captivated with animals when she was a little girl and never looked back. When Kaitlyn isn’t at work, she enjoys hiking, fishing, playing soccer, and spending time with her husband and many pets.

Ricky Docto

Ricky is the behind-the-scenes man who watches each client’s request from beginning until end. He manages the process and makes sure our team is staying on task.

Ronie Gallego

Ronie is the one we call on for pretty much anything. His skill set is far beyond his web design abilities. Have you ever known someone with 8 full time jobs that still makes time for friends and family? Yeah, that’s Ronie… and he’s amazing.