Cali / Himi Pattern Pedigreed Guinea Pigs


OUR WEBSITE IS KEPT CURRENT DAILY PLEASE LOOK TO SEE WHO IS AVAILABLE THANKS–cavy–babys.html Our family breeds wonderful temperaments and great lines of Guinea Pigs We have Pedigreed parents as not to ever inbred our piggys. We Take great pride in the health and well being of our Cavys and handle them a lot since birth and parents are very well spoiled and groomed regularly. We also do all parasite preventives on all cavys and feed a high quality diet. Please call us or email anytime we list all our babys as well as our adults on our website We do offer delivery in the usa for a fee of $150.00 it covers up to two cavys delivery with travel cage and vet check and heath certifcate and drivers fees. the $150.00 is delivery fee not the price of the cavys you pick. We breed Rare Lunkayras, Peruvians,Skinnys, Werewolves, Abyssinian, Americans, Texels, Teddys, Shelties, & Lakelands. We dont have them all the time but we do take waiting list for a certain type.–cavy–babys.html3-2878 open six days a week!! after hours to 785-280-9677