Flukers Professional Series Nighttime Red Basking Light – 75 Watt


Flukers Night Time Red Basking Light is a professional grade infrared heat lamp for heating reptile terrariums and allowing nocturnal viewing. These incandescent bulbs provide radiant heat to establish an appropriate environmental temperature range for reptile habitats.


  • Infrared heat lamp for heating terrariums and nocturnal viewing
  • Radiant heat helps establish healthy environmental temperature range
  • Supports essential biological functions for a healthier pet

Because reptiles are ectothermic (cold blooded), they depend on environmental temperature to regulate their core body heat. Providing your reptile with an appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR) is essential for its daily activities and to prevent potential chronic infections. To establish an appropriate ETR, multiple incandescent lights may be needed. Consult a pet professional for your pets ideal ETR. Be sure to provide your reptile with a corresponding source of nighttime heat, such as Flukers Daytime Blue Bulb.

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