Flukers Calcium with D3


Flukers Calcium with Vitamin D3 supports the healthy growth of strong bones and other vital bodily functions in captive reptiles and amphibians. This formula contains no phosphorus and is an excellent source of Vitamin D3, an essential nutrient for reptiles kept indoors without strong UVB exposure.


  • Supports healthy bone growth
  • Phosphorus free with Vitamin D3
  • Essential for all indoor captive reptiles

Why use Flukers Calcium Calcium is a critical essential nutrient for reptiles. A calcium deficiency can often result in pain, deformity and eventually death. Flukers Calcium Supplement formula helps prevent this. Vitamin D3 has been added to aid in the assimilation and metabolism of the calcium. In addition, the formulas powder form ensures that it will adhere to the items fed. For reptiles kept outdoors or with strong exposure to UVB light, use Flukers Calcium without Vitamin D3.

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