Jungle Labs No More Algae – 8 Tabs


Jungle Labs No More Algae Tank Buddies leaves aquarium water crystal clear by removing existing algae from aquarium water. Inhibits the growth of free-floating algae blooms and algae that grows on the sides of glass and acrylic tanks.


  • Controls algae growth
  • Leaves aquarium water crystal clear
  • Works great in glass or acrylic tanks
  • Prevents the formation of new algae
  • Neutralizes iron in tap water, reducing stains on tank and accessories

The fizz lets you know its working!

Water Clear clears cloudy, discolored water and removes odors caused by decayed organics (fish waste, dead plant matter, overfeeding and bacterial blooms). Also neutralizes iron present in the water, preventing stains on aquarium glass, hoods, lights, ornaments and accessories.

Details: Remove carbon from filter during use. Do not use in tanks with live plants, snails or other invertebrates. Repeat treatment when algae growth begins to appear. If algae is already present on sides of aquarium, wipe clean with a Jungle Algae Remover Pad. Not for use in soft and/or acid water.

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