Lafeber Garden Veggie Nutri-Berries Parrot Food – 3 lbs


Lafeber Garden Veggie Nutri-Berries offer a refreshing, highly nutritious meal for a wide variety of parrot species. Each cluster contains wholesome vegetables like carrots, beans, broccoli, and corn, all mixed with de-hulled, vitamin-enriched seeds and grains to provide a healthy, exciting daily diet.

All the nutrition of pellets with all the fun of foraging
Hulled seeds and grains provide greater nutrition in every bite
Made with real carrots, beans, broccoli and corn
Garden Veggie Nutri-Berries are great for a wide variety of species, including Amazons, African greys, macaws, and cockatoos, and can even be broken in to smaller pieces for cockatiels, conures, and other small parrots. The seeds and grains in Nutri-Berries are pre-hulled and coated in stabilized vitamins, chelated minerals, and more. The lack of hulls means your bird receives the benefits of these supplements in every bite (and reduces the mess from eating). Each tasty cluster features 20% pellets to provide the nutrition your bird needs. Balanced Omega 3 and 6 boosts immune function and improves skin health. Nutri-Berries are naturally preserved and flavored, and contain no artificial colors.

Made in the USA.

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