Marineland Precision Submersible Aquarium Heater – 400 Watt – 18″ Long – (Aquariums up to 125 Gallons)


The Marineland Precision Submersible Aquarium Heater offers safe, reliable, highly accurate heating for your fresh or saltwater aquarium. A built-in thermal safety switch accurately regulates the temperature to within 1 degree. The switch also automatically turns the heater off if temperatures exceed internal parameters, and turns it back on when the tank temperature returns to normal. Top and side view temperature scales allow easy viewing from all angles.

Maintains precise aquarium temperatures to within 1°F accuracy
Thermal safety switch turns off automatically to prevent heater failure
Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums
The Marineland Precision Heater is extremely user-friendly, with an abundance of features to enhance convenience. The combination of a top-view scale and high visibility sliding scale provides dual confirmation of all temperature adjustments. The “Click Set” control knob clicks for every degree you change the temperature for easy, precise heating. This heater is built to last, with an advanced mesh heating element surrounding the mica core for enhanced heat transfer and long lasting, reliable performance. UL listed.

Included with the Precision Heater is an advanced mounting bracket that securely attaches to glass, providing 3 window positions that let you view the temperature display from multiple angles.

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