Marshall Camouflage Krackle Sack


Our new Camo patterned Krackle Sack with crackle fabric sewn in provides a fun place to play and sleep. Made of plush fabric for extra comfort. Your ferret or other small pet will go crazy for the crackle noise in this cozy, fleece-lined sack. It can be used to have a nap or to play a game of hide-n-seek! It provides enough room for pets to cuddle together or burrow out of sight.

Krackle Sack dimensions 19″ circumference.
Use as a fun sack to nap in or to play a game of hide-n-seek.
Makes a fun krackle noise that will drive your pet crazy with excitement.
Made with soft, sturdy fabrics, and lined with fleece, your furry friend will thoroughly enjoy this comfy addition to their home.

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