Marshall Peter’s Chew Toy with Apple


Combines two great treats in one: apple and wood! Rabbits love to roll this toy around while they nibble the apple. Contains all-natural ingredients-no dyes or preservatives used. Made of natural hardwood, this toy combines snack-time and playtime by wrapping a yummy dried apple around a traditional dowel toy. Not only does the crunchy fruit taste delicious, but it also provides tons of chewing exercise. This can help keep your pets jaw and teeth in shape, plus help to prevent boredom!

Tasty apple serves as both a toy and a snack.
A real, dried apple wrapped around a natural hardwood dowel.
Provides a natural chewing outlet thats safe and healthy for your pet.
Formulated for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets.
Ingredients: Natural Hard wood, Dried apple

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