N-Bone Cat Chew Treats Chicken Flavor


N-Bone Cat Chew Treats clean your cats teeth without actually trying. The N-Bone Cat Chew Treats are made with all natural ingredients and designed to clean teeth.

Clean your cats teeth effortlessly
Provides oral hygiene and nutrition
All natural ingredients
There are few natural products on the market that can remove tartar as effectively as the N-Bone Cat Chew Treats. Low in ash, magnesium, with taurine added, the N-Bone Cat Chew Treat is a perfect combination for oral hygiene and nutrition. Cat Chew Treats are a treat chewing cats love.

N-Bone Cat Chew Treats:

All natural
Edible and digestible
Great dental aid
Nutritious food supplement
Low ash and magnesium
Proper Taurine Content

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