N-Bone Twistix Naturals Vanilla Mint Dental Treats Large


Twistix Naturals twisted dual-action dental chew fights plaque and tartar while chewing, and freshens the breath with real vanilla, mint, alfalfa, and parsley. Added pork collagen makes Twistix Naturals more digestible, moderately long-lasting, and simply irresistible. Our irresistible dual flavors have a dual purpose as well! The vanilla side of the stick is specially formulated to clean teeth, scrubbing away plaque and tartar as your dog chews. The mint side has added peppermint, parsley, and alfalfa to give your pup fresher breath. Twistix Naturals is rawhide, filler, and allergen-free with no artificial colors, or flavors added. Give your dog a natural dental chew thats good to him AND good for him.

Made in the USA
Rawhide, filler, and allergen-free
No artificial colors or flavors added
Freshens the breath with real vanilla, mint, alfalfa, and parsley
Helps fight plaque and tartar
Ingredients: Rice flour, vegetable glycerin, water, gelatin, natural chicken flavors, hydrolyzed collagen, vanilla extract, sodium hexametaphosphate, citric acid (a preservative), alfalfa nutrient concentrate, parsley, peppermint oil.

10 oz

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