If The ad is up the bird is still available.
Experience bonding from the start with your new baby. (after weaning)
Adoption fee is firm (+ tax) Health Guarantee DNA Gender and disease test negative certificate.
See a video of her here:https://youtu.be/1VXPJFAXaXM/

We are a legitimate business with lots of great feed back from our clients
GOOGLE REVIEWS: https://g.page/parrot-crush/review?gm

We are in Wylie, TX. Our birds are fully weaned onto a pelleted diet and fresh vegetables and come with a health guarantee. They are well socialized and tame, taught to step up on command

Indian Ring Neck:
Make excellent pets because of how intelligent they are and how good they are at learning tricks. Really good talkers with a comical voice. They’re also highly affectionate, caring, and curious. It’s generally said that you won’t have a dull moment if you get an Indian Ringneck.
Adoption prices and more pictures and videos of our birds on our web page:

We raise our babies with love and lots of handling time. Many happy bird owners recommend us.
www.parrotcrush.com for more pictures

Adoption: $2150.00

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